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Final Fantasy XV Judgment Disc Demo download available on November 11

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During the last Active Time Report, Hajime Tabata has announced the imminent arrival of a new demo of Final Fantasy XV, entitled Judgement Disc. This demo version will be available from November 11 in Japan, while there is no news regarding the publication in the West.


Over the last Active Time Report, the director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, has confirmed the arrival of a third demo of the next in the series. The new demo, called as Judgement Disc will be available in Japan from today, 11 November, on PS4 and subsequently will be also available for Xbox One.

Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc Demo will include the complete opening and allows you to play with the first half of the first chapter, those who complete the trial will receive as a reward an exclusive video from the contents unspecified.

The duration is expected to be of about 90 minutes, and will be playable only on easy mode. Finally, progress made in Judgement Disc will not be continued in the final game.

Recall that the new demo of Final Fantasy 15 will be initially available on PS4 and later it will arrive on Xbox One, we are waiting for any information to see if the demo will be also released in the Western Digital store.

We also remind you that Final Fantasy XV will be available on PS4 and Xbox One from November 29.