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Final Fantasy XV has sold over 6 million copies worldwide

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Through a press release, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV reached a new milestone, as the game has already managed to distribute more than 6 million copies since its release on November 29, 2016. This figure includes copies sent to stores Worldwide and digital downloads on PlayStation Store and Xbox LIVE.

Recall that just a couple of days after its release, Square Enix said that Final Fantasy XV had already sold 5 million copies, which granted the title of the game as the fastest selling at launch in the history of the franchise.

It is also necessary to mention that unlike past titles, Final Fantasy XV is one of the few games in the series that featured simultaneous release around the world, which undoubtedly helped to achieve these accomplishments.

In addition, the studio took advantage to announce that the Moogle Chocobo Carnival event will be available for a limited time from January 24. This event will come via an update for all users. If you purchased the Season Pass, you will get a special entrance.

For the moment, no more information is given about this event, we only know that there will be some strange new outfits. However, we are sure that the studio will release more information in the next few days, which we will send you without fail.

Recently, Hajime Tabata said that Final Fantasy XV will receive more content during 2017; whether you rely on the base game or own the season pass, Square Enix will prepare content for each type of consumer.

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