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Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Video running on PS4 Pro Revealed

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Square Enix revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 to some Japanese members of the press, the PlayStation 4 Pro version of Final Fantasy XV. The website Game Watch has already written down the impressions. Some thought “this as beautifully presented…” and some felt that in the graph shown previously something was missing, but “that is what they have been waiting for.”


The persons participating praised the high resolution, great textures and the stable frame rate of the game played on PlayStation 4 Pro version. In addition, they said that the textures of the trees and plants were very impressive in the areas, which, in contrast to the original is a completely different game.

It is actually both the increased texture resolution especially in vegetation-elements such as improvements at the level of stability and frames rate that makes the title a completely different game compared to the standard version on the PlayStation 4 Pro console.

Final Fantasy XV will debut on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide. At Amazon you can secure the Deluxe Edition of the game, and will also get the latest KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY movie in Blu-ray with numerous extras of Final Fantasy XV.

Do you think that this situation will begin to repeat with future releases of PS4? Will you finally make the leap to PS4 Pro to enjoy a true technical leap?

Remember that PlayStation 4 Pro will arrive on November 10 at 399 dollars while we can enjoy Final Fantasy XV from 29th of the same month.

Watch the gameplay video of Final Fantasy XV running on PS4 Pro below: