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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition First Patch Download Available Now, Fixes Framerate Issues

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Almost a week after the launch, Square Enix has released the first patch for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition.

According to reports from the Japanese house, this update solves an annoying bug that caused a sudden decline in the framerate during the evocation of an Astral. It was a very annoying problem, but fortunately, it was solved quickly.

This bug required, in some circumstances, to close and reopen the game to have a normalization of the framerate, and it was one of the most annoying problems encountered so far on this new release. Apart from that, there is nothing else to report for this patch.

The update does not include other adjustments to the experience of the game, although it is required by several parties to accelerate loading times often excessive.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition has been enthusiastically received by the editorial staff of Digital Foundry, which considers it one of the most advanced titles ever appeared on PC. The Luminous Engine is finally free to express its full potential and is also well optimized. Setting all the details to the maximum is not within the reach of all the gaming machines, but the result is exceptional.

Final Fantasy XV can now be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The same day the Windows Edition came out, the Royal Edition arrived on the Sony and Microsoft consoles.