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Final Fantasy XV File Sizes for PS4 and Xbox One Revealed

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The release of Final Fantasy XV is just around the corner: in Japan it is already possible to pre-load the title, both on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Consequently, the size of the game on both platforms has been revealed.


The Japanese players and purchasers of Final Fantasy XV at the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 have revealed the overall weight of the much fifteenth chapter of the series, officially coming on November 29th.

Although the specific details may change depending on the country of reference, we currently have on the PlayStation 4 a file size of 50.698GB with 6.593GB necessary for the initiation and the preliminary use of the title; while on the Xbox One the title will weigh 50.94GB in file size.

Recall that Final Fantasy XV will receive a significant day-one patch, called Crown update, which will introduce “several updates, bug fixes, and new features to improve the gaming experience in all its aspects.”

The dedicated page of the title on PlayStation Store indicates 40.5GB of free space required but, as often happens with pre-release information, it is a mistake that will be corrected as soon as possible, in all likelihood.

Recently, the game director Hajime Tabata has shown a sequence of unusual gameplay taken from Final Fantasy XV.

The new video shows in action the “Dragoon” Aranea Highwind, commander of the 87th Army Airborne Units of Niflheim, which will be one of the temporary members of Noctis and party members.