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Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae 2.0 Patch download available on June 9

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Hajime Tabata has appeared in a new Active Time Report, in which he gave some information to the players. The program was quite stingy in information but we know when the patch of Episode Duscae is going to disembark .

The Active Time Report was not the most exciting, this is the least we can say. Despite some jokes and 45 minutes of the very long show, still it was an opportunity to raise few interesting information about Final Fantasy XV game, especially about its script and characters.

In particular to know the original story of the game, then known under the name of Final Fantasy XIII Versus, it was written by Kazushige Nojima. The name may be nothing to you but this gentleman has made scenarios of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII , Final Fantasy X, and Kindgom Hearts 1 and 2. Since they have taken the decision to completely separate Final Fantasy XV of Fabula Nova Crystallis project, he still took the project to ensure a single whole and perfectly independent game of Final Fantasy XIII and others. In fact, we know that Stella Nox Fleuret will not be present in the game, replaced for the sake of the storyline by Luna.

And if we do not see more in to the next E3, Tabata promises us that at Gamescom 2015, it will be informative. It was expected the game to be shown in Los Angeles, but the western section of Square Enix objected it because the development team did not have anything new to show.

So the next step for FF XV is June 9, at 17h. It is on this day, you have the option to download a patch that will upgrade your Episode Duscae to Episode Duscae 2.0. In the program, new combat features, indicators of movements, bulk orders, and especially the opportunity to fight the gigantic Catoblipas, etc, all will be incorporated