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Final Fantasy XV Epic Live Action Trailer Released

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This day, in the launching of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix unveiled a new live action trailer to celebrate this important event.

Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix continues to promote Final Fantasy XV that releases today worldwide. After a Japanese supercharged advertising, here’s a whole new live-action trailer. Here, four boys embark on a little adventure, face a colossal daemon and are assisted by Noctis and his band, all under a popular music Stand by me.

Final Fantasy XV is now available throughout the world and for the occasion Square Enix has released the launch trailer in live action, entitled Stand Together, accompanied by the song Stand by Me performed by Florence + The Machine.

The trailer looks really epic, it shows 4 children who are ready to face the giant golem in the game, but when all seems lost, an unexpected surprise arises.

In addition, the live action trailer is accompanied with the theme of the game, we refer to the cover of Stand by Me performed by Florence + the Machina.

Thanks to a recent Active Time Report, Square Enix revealed all settings including the first patch for Final Fantasy XV. We also know that the game will weigh between 50 GB and 60 GB for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 respectively.

After a long wait, Final Fantasy XV is finally available.