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Final Fantasy XV DLC Includes Playable Character Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto, with Online Expansion Pack

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Square Enix shared some more information on the downloadable content that will arrive periodically to all Season Pass holders of Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV

With the description of the 6 Pack DLC containing the Season Pass, it was confirmed that each of the three inseparable companions Noctis, the game’s protagonist, will have its own episode that can be used by players.

The Booster Pack will include powerful free weapons that will make the battles more exciting; the Episode Gladiolus, will be the DLC concerning this character; Holiday Pack will provide you with a set of incredible items; the Episode Ignis will focus on this fellow Noctis; Episode Prompto will be the third with the story of an ally; the final DLC will be called Online Expansion Pack, which only was described as “a new Final Fantasy XV”.

Remember that Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 30 September.

Below you can check out the details of this DLC:

Booster Pack (DLC #1)
Freely obtain powerful weapons that will give you an edge and make battles more exciting.

Episode Gladiolus (DLC #2)
A completely original episode focused on Noctis’ companion Gladiolus. In this episode, you can control Gladiolus as a playable character.

Holiday Pack (DLC #3)
Freely obtain a wonderful item pack that will make the game even flashier.

Episode Ignis (DLC #4)
A completely original episode focused on Noctis’ companion Ignis. In this episode, you can control Ignis as a playable character.

Episode Prompto (DLC #5)
A completely original episode focused on Noctis’ companion Prompto. In this episode, you can control Prompto as a playable character.

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Online Expansion Pack (DLC #6)
An expansion pack that lets you play a completely new Final Fantasy XV.

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