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Final Fantasy XV Director talks about Xbox Scorpio support; Nintendo Switch possibility

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Final Fantasy XV debuted last November for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and although we know that the game could arrive on PC, Hajime Tabata spoke on this occasion about the possibility of enjoying the history of Noctis and his friends on Project Scorpio or Nintendo Switch.

As you know, Project Scorpio will run the same games that of Xbox One, so it is clear that we will see the game on this platform, however, the real question is how will Final Fantasy XV benefit with the power of this new console. In this situation, Tabata explained that the studio is currently thinking about what kind of improvements will be implemented for this version, even though they do not know what the variants would be with respect to the version of PlayStation 4 Pro.

Speaking of Nintendo Switch, the director mentioned that at the moment he has no plans to bring Final Fantasy XV to this console. In fact, the development team does not even know if the game can run on this system, because they have not done the necessary tests.

That said, Tabata added that in the studio they are interested in the console and made it clear that there are many fans of Nintendo Switch in the development team of Final Fantasy XV.

So, we have to wait to find out if Nintendo Switch will receive the game at some point. On the other hand, surely we will see Final Fantasy XV for Project Scorpio later this year, it seems logical that Microsoft launches its console during the last quarter.

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In related information, Hajime Tabata recently mentioned that 70% of the development team of Final Fantasy XV continues to work on additional content, free upgrades and improvements.