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Final Fantasy XV director says first part of the game is open world, while the second is more linear

In late August, the director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajima Tabata mentioned that the first part of the game will be open world, while the second will occur in a more linear fashion. Now, during PAX West, Tabata said how it will work in this situation.

To begin, you should know that only the final stretch of the game will become more linear, so there will be no equitable distribution. In addition, you can always return to the open world from the options menu.

“To go back on the more linear part of the game… It actually transfers into that linear part of gameplay when the story ramps up and gets into its final stages. Rather than the latter half of the game, it’s very close to the end of the game so to speak.”

“After the train segment, the whole structure of the game completely changes. You cannot go back and forth on the world map between the two parts. That said, there is a gonna be a menu function that allows you to access the earlier areas that you roamed around in the earlier parts of the game.”

“Once you’re done with the train segment, it’s not yet the end of the game. There is still another set of events that awaits you. I can’t tell you what it’s going to be, but it drastically changes up [the game].”

So, it seems we have to wait until the debut of the game to find out what will be changed in the game as Tabata says.

In related information, we know that the story of Final Fantasy XV will take 10 years, as the developers wanted to note that the game world feels alive. Moreover, Tabata feels confident that the title will debut with 30 frames per second stable and error free.

Final Fantasy XV will debut on November 29 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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