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Final Fantasy XV director explains game’s delay

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Once again, the director Hajime Tabata spoke of the reasons for delaying Final Fantasy XV until November, while the game was planned to debut in September 2016.

Final Fantasy XV Screenshot

During a conversation with Famitsu, Tabata said that “optimization is not yet sufficient,” that accounts with several errors throughout the game. In addition, the speed of frame rate still does not reach the 30 frames per second like as Square Enix would like.

Some of these errors, according to Tabata, not stop the advancement of the players, but prefers to be arranged before the launch. “There are still of number of bugs like characters floating unnaturally in the air or appearing all strange,” he said.

Tabata also mentioned that one of their goals with these 2 extra months of development is to improve and refine the balance of the game, although the director did not elaborate.

As explained earlier this month, one of the reasons for the delay of Final Fantasy XV is to avoid throwing one day-one patch, as not all console users have access to the Internet. Tabata said that more than 20% of the players in Japan have Internet and console, but these data are not necessarily connected.

For now, we must wait for the release of Final Fantasy XV, a title that will debut on November 29 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.