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Final Fantasy XV day-one patch 1.01 changelog leaks out

The first copies of Final Fantasy XV have been in circulation for a few days, very much to the annoyance of publisher Square Enix and certainly for some fans who have been waiting for the game since quite a few years.

In addition to various information about the game, which can be read on the internet, the first small details on the Day One patch 1.01 are already known, which Square Enix had already confirmed weeks ago. In the confirmation, various mistakes are corrected, but also a circumstance, in which the still waiting players should certainly look forward.

So Square Enix uses a little trick here and makes all the existing savegames of the early starters with the update unusable, so they have to start again from the beginning in order to be able to continue playing the game. Detailed information on the Day One update is planned for tomorrow.

It will be important to install the patch before you start playing, because as you can read in the image above, the save data stored before and after the patch will not be compatible.

Changelog Version 1.01

– Various bug fixes
– New items and cutscenes
– Cutscene adjustments
– Deeper combat, driving and other game mechanics

Saved games must be updated to work with the current version of the game.

Current version saves will not work with the former version of the game.

Officially, Final Fantasy XV will release on November 29, 2016 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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