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Final Fantasy XV Afrosword weapon coming in the next update on April 27

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Square Enix has just announced that the next update of Final Fantasy XV, which is coming on Thursday, April 27, will also bring a new and unusual weapon: the Afrosword. As you can guess from the name, it is a sword dedicated to the DJ and producer of Afrojack, who had contributed to the soundtrack of the game, and that will have a ‘special effect’.

Square Enix has announced a new collaborative weapon for Final Fantasy XV, already available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is the Afrosword, sword similar to a console to mix the discs created in collaboration with DJ Afrojack.

In addition to its unique shape, inspired by the console of the DJ, this sword will change the background song in combat, if fitted, allowing players to hear a new song by Afrojack. To get it, simply complete one of the Timed Quest available with the update.

The Afrosword will be available as a reward for one of the new missions that will be released in time with the next free update of the game, scheduled for 27 April.

In the bottom of the news you can find a short video in which the DJ himself presents the new weapon.

Final Fantasy XV – Update 27/04
1. New “Stable Mode” added to the resolution options for PlayStation 4 Pro. With this feature we can enjoy the game with a stable frame rate.
2. The size of the subtitles and the size of the text in some menus have been increased.
3. The missions will share time together in a new ranking function, thanks to which we can receive miraculous weapons as trophies.
4. New stickers for Regalia available for customization mode.
5. New songs added to the music player.