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Final Fantasy XV Will Get 4 DLC Episodes Upto 2019

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Final Fantasy XV is going to get its fourth DLC in the year 2019. So far it was planned the game will get around 3 DLC. Later on, talking to Dengeki Online, game director Hajime Tabata, spoke on the 4th DLC to be coming up, but not before 2019. It has been confirmed, so for fans, this is good news. Tabata confirmed during the interview that there will be 4 DLC episodes coming up for the game. And they will be released up to 2019.

Episode Ardyn is the first expansion scheduled this year, which add some unique story to the game content. Square Enix has not revealed much info on its features. Below is a tweet that gives a rough translation of what Tabata said during the interview.

Final Fantasy XV was first released for PS4 and Xbox one in year 2016 the game is still pending to on Windows. The release date for PC is March 6, 2016.

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