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Final Fantasy XIV Is Freezing House Evictions And Come For Xbox’s Fans

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Final Fantasy XIV is the most competitive online game, and for buying this game, you need lots of money and the patience to fight with other players. Now evictions are on hold in this covid-19 pandemic.

An announcement was made yesterday in which said that the team of final fantasy XIV would freeze housing evictions within the game du to corona outbreak which affecting globally.

It is a serious spread which spread all around the world and comes with financial consequences of various cities going into lockdown. So we have decided to temporarily suspend housing demolition.

However, we are sharing all the details regarding the game, especially for the Xbox’s fans. Yes! Xbox players will get the game, and according to latest updates, the game will be launched with some modifications.

Square Enix is the publisher and developer of this most favourite game and officially debuted in 2010. in the beginning, the game came for PC and Playstation 3 and then slammed with a negative response due to low performance and closed in November 2012.

Updates of Final Fantasy XIV

Some criticized the gameplay features and didn’t blend properly with its genre and therefore developers discard it completely. the game return in 2013 with a rebooted version under the subtitle “A Realm Reborn.”

Xbox’s boss Phil Spencer stated that final fantasy XIV would be making a debut to come on XBOX along with some other games. So fans are so eager to know about the release date.

According to recent updates, the game will include din the Xbox subscription pack in which final fantasy and other 40 games would be included such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Gears 5, Tekken 7 and many more.

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Release Date of Final Fantasy XIV

it is expected that final fantasy XIV will arrive anytime in the second half of 2020. However, the official announcement is not made yet so we’ll update you as we receive any official news.