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Final Fantasy XIV could come to Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro Patch announced

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During the press conference which took over the Final Fantasy XIV FanFest held in Frankfurt, Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of the MMORPG answered some questions to colleagues of DualShockers about a possible port of the title of Nintendo Switch.

A “confirmation” of the last minute, that will please all Nintendo fans: Squeenix  is still considering the possibility of bringing Final Fantasy XIV on Switch.

Yoshida says he has the desire to see Final Fantasy XIV on as many gaming platforms as possible, but the fundamental condition to ensure that the game landing on Nintendo Switch, as well as on Xbox One, is that it preserves the cross-platform: in this way the players would be active on different consoles, but on the same game server. If this possibility were to be materialized, then Yoshida would take the idea seriously.

In addition, it was announced that soon a patch will come through which Final Fantasy XIV will support PlayStation 4 Pro: instead of bringing the resolution in 4K, however, Yoshida preferred to stake everything on a performance boost. The patch is already in the works, and it has been confirmed that there will impact negatively on the care taken on the version of PlayStation 4 standard.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will arrive on June 20 on PC and PS4; this date corresponds to the end of support for PlayStation 3.