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Final Fantasy XIV 3.1 Patch download available soon

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Final Fantasy XIV will be getting a new patch update soon that would add some more game stability and changes that are worth to check out. The game was released in the year 2010 on PS3 and Microsoft Windows. The patch update is revealed by the game director and also there was news that this patch is going to add a lot of exciting changes. The patch version is 3.1 and yet the release date is not yet declared.

After a long time the game developer took time to release a new patch. The last patch they had revealed was years ago. Now this new patch is in the news that would bring some new things that would help players to get more new content. The previous patch 3.07 version came out last week that offers you game stability and many things. The changes can be found on this link.

Final Fantasy XIV Screenshot
Final Fantasy XIV Screenshot

The new 3.1 version is already set in the process and will be coming up soon. The last patch offers a variety of adjustment and game improvements and its change log is also quite big that targets the battle system and in-game items.

The new Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.1 will bring two new dungeons in the game. They are The Saint Mocianne Arboretum and Hard Mode of Pharos Sirius. The first one is a building that is running on plant life and the second one is a lighthouse dungeon. With this there will be more expansion in the game voyage system. There will be lot of new island to discover. You can discover this but with the same you also have to take care that you don’t land into trouble in this unexplored places. Many of these islands are infested with monsters and to get away to you have to defeat them. Checking out huge airship would be a great feature of this patch.