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Final Fantasy XIII is coming to Xbox One?

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On, there has appeared a Xbox One version of Final Fantasy XIII, whose cover was promptly captured by before its removal.

Final Fantasy XIII Xbox One Cover

Yesterday, references to Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox One on Xbox Store was discovered, news that has been kicked off a series of speculations about a possible re-mastered edition of the game.

Of course, the page on the website no longer exists but it’s not the first time that the game is mentioned at least on Xbox One, indicating that Square Enix would have something in preparation for Final Fantasy XIII, and it should not take too long to come out if one believes some insiders who talked about the subject.

In reality things are not so going to happen, and after the media outcry, Square-Enix wanted to clarify the situation. The publisher is actually collaborating with Microsoft and Ubitus to bring the streaming version of Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox One, which will be published exclusively in China in the coming weeks. The announcement dates from April but apparently went unnoticed in the West, so as to force Square-Enix to shed light on the affair.

Moreover we note that in China, the publisher has signed a partnership with Microsoft which allows players to access the game via the cloud of Xbox One, since April. It is not known if Square Enix is also preparing the release of the game on the PlayStation 4, but there is not much reason why it is not done.