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Final Fantasy VII Remake shifts to internal development

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Last week, Square-Enix has posted a job listing to seek for professional roles (including Background Designer, Battle Planner and programmers) to integrate into the staff who will be working on Final Fantasy VII Remake. Today the Project Lead, Naoki Hamaguchi, explained the reasons behind this choice.

Final Fantasy VII Screenshot

As we learned last week, Square Enix is ​​recruiting a fresh team for the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 4, and Naoki Hamaguchi also announced his project lead status for the long-awaited title. The man had already proved himself with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Mobius Final Fantasy.

It would now seem that Square Enix has decided to bring back the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake totally under its management, thus interrupting the collaboration with CyberConnect2.

Hamaguchi explained during a stream dedicated to Mobius Final Fantasy that the company has decided to reduce the contribution of external studios in the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake, moving most of the production to in-house studios, so they can best control every aspect of the development and manage the work of the team.

In business development, Final Fantasy VII Remake are also cooperating to some studios such as CyberConnect2 (authors of the series of Naruto Shippuden), the contribution of external associates will be reduced but probably not completely eliminated, with the ultimate goal to optimize time and respect the schedule set by the publisher.

What do you think of this decision? Being able to fully control the development will benefit the final quality of the title? Let us know in the comments below.