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Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Reproduce the Original Title In High-Quality Graphics

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Some weeks have passed without news about Final Fantasy VII Remake; however, everything indicates that its development is on the right track. We tell you this because Square Enix is looking for new staff to complete this long-awaited title.

According to a listing, the company is looking specifically for a level designer for the game. The job description gives some additional details about the current state of development of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Square Enix plans that the return of the RPG is a success and the fans are satisfied with the results. For this reason, among its objectives is that this remake is at the height of the original game, which debuted for PlayStation in 1997.

“We are examining programs that implement general functions and contents for Final Fantasy VII Remake as necessary on the development team, and while we are reaching a satisfactory level in terms of reproducing the original title in high-quality graphics, we have come to the conclusion that we should aim for even higher quality in order to meet the expectations of fans,” the company wrote in its job vacancy.

The studio did not give more details about the development of the title, but it is good news to know that they are seeking to surpass the results that the original Final Fantasy VII had a few decades ago. The job listing also indicates that the level designer would be a central member of the development team.

We recently learned that Cloud, the protagonist of this installment, will retain his personality in this remake. On the other hand, thanks to the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition we were able to see some new images of the new game.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake does not yet have a release date. There are possibilities that Square Enix will offer information about it starting in April, so we could soon learn more details of the title.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for PlayStation 4.