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Final Fantasy VII Remake download available soon on PS4

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was first released in 1997 on Playstation and Windows. Now in E3 2015, a similar version will appear for PS4. Final Fantasy VII Remake will come on the PS4 first and then later on we might get this new version on other platform also. There are lots of things which are not cleared here. It is found that Square Enix, will do some changes in it and then it will be released. So that gamers won’t get the same kind of game plot which was released long time ago. It is a bit weird to find that instead of working on an entirely new chapter, the game developer is in a process to remake the older one. It can be due to the popularity of this game. After its first debut, the game was quite appreciated by many due to its amazing graphics quality and unique gameplay. And now PS4 owners will also get a chance to replay this game back again in the form of a new edition. In simple words this is a kind of HD makeover of Final Fantasy VII.

It would be really awesome to find the game in HD mode. As per some news sources we found that the game will not be exactly the same as it was debut in 1997. There might be certain new things that will surely excite the gamers and will let them to replay the game back with a new taste. You can check out the trailer below.

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