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Final Fantasy VI could be coming out soon for PC


The classification of video games organization in Europe now list Final Fantasy VI on PC, following the trend of Square Enix to repeat the old RPG of the famous series on the Steam platform. A confirmation is expected by the Japanese publisher.

Memorable episode for lovers of the famous saga from Square Enix, Final Fantasy VI has benefited from many editions including the very courted version of GameBoy Advance associating graphical rendering of the Super NES to a location in French texts.

Final Fantasy VI Screenshot
Final Fantasy VI Screenshot

While the game has enjoyed an Android and iOS edition, an indication tells us that an adaptation on PC is expected. PEGI – videogame classification agency in Europe – has listed this version of the game on its official website, highlighting an impending exit that obviously cannot be held.

However, this information tends to confirm that Square Enix is preparing to announce the Steam version of Final Fantasy 6, which undoubtedly offers the same treatment of FFV for PC: adaptation (not to the taste of everyone) of the iOS version.

Square Enix stated that it wished to continue doing remakes of their current IPs. By mid-year, Square Enix announced plans for the remake of Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation 4, according to the series director, Tetsuya Nomura, who expressed interest in doing a remake of Final Fantasy V and VI.

It is unclear whether the new classification means a relaunch or a remake of Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy VI was originally released in Japan on April 2, 1994 in Super Famicom and renamed Final Fantasy III for launch in America in the Super Nintendo on October 11, 1994.

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