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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Crash Fix, Low FPS Solution, Stuttering and Lag workaround, etc

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If you are having any performance issue with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD then you can check out the below troubleshooting guide to solve your issue. There are ample of problems many gamers are facing related to slow output or poor fps. There are certain fixes that can resolve the issue and give you a lot better output. Checkout the below tips:

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Low fps resolution:-

If you are facing low fps issue on your system then there is an easy fix for the same. You have to go in the game launch options from where you can boost the fps issue. You just have to set the -freq to 60 if you are having a monitor with 60 Hz refresh rate. And in the same way 120 for a 120 Hz monitor. Or you can also set the -freq as -high for better resolution.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Screenshot
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Screenshot

Game does not Start fix/ Crash Fix:-

Sometimes after installing this game, it might not start at all. If you clicked on the game shortcut and it does not launch then there are some issues with the game time settings. You have to recheck that once. Click on Start and in the bottom search box type Change Date and time. Click on the first option and then in that you have to go in the number section and set the Decimal Symbol to “.”, this trick would help you to start the game. If this does not help then re-installation would be the next thing you have to do.

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Game Achievements Stuck:-

This is an in-game glitch that is faced by many players. So you don’t have to worry if you had completed some tasks and you want to get anything for that. Yet the game developer has not released any kind of patch or update to resolve this issue.

Game Crashes on Launch:-

This is one of the most common issues in many games. But in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD this issue is due to a missing dll file. The file is msvcr110.dll. By replacing this file manually in the game folder will fix the crashing problem. You can get the file from website but note that you get a good copy without any infection in it. You can then replace that file in the game folder and done. Try placing it back again. You have to put that in Program Files/Steamappscommon/gamefolder.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Slow gameplay:-

Slow performance can be due to a variety of reason. First of all you have to check the system requirements that really match with the game. If you have minimum system requirements then try to turn off few video settings that would help you out. You can go in the game video settings and turn off all those things that can hamper the gameplay. Like Anti-Aliasing. Keeping this on medium will help, you also have to reduce the game resolution and all advance graphics settings to low.

Sound problem on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD:-

Some users might be facing issue with audio delay in the game. And that can be resolved simply by updating the audio driver. Some users face issues with audio delay in cinematic. That means the video is a few second ahead of audio. This can be due to VSYNC settings turned on in this game. You just have to turn it off to see whether it works or not.

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