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Final Fantasy 9 available for PC Soon: Rumor

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For several months, PC gamers eagerly awaited for the arrival of Final Fantasy IX to Steam and fortunately, your wait may end soon. The product page of this JRPG game on Green Man Gaming website indicated that the PC version was supposed to debut today, Thursday 14 April. But now the listing has been removed from the same website suggesting that Square Enix might plan a surprise announcement for the enhanced version of Final Fantasy 9 on PC.

Final Fantasy 9 Screenshot

It is important to note that by the time Square Enix has not announced the release date of this version, so this should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, the port of Final Fantasy IX for iOS and Android debut unexpectedly, so it is possible that the dealer wants to surprise us once again.

Also, when visiting the Steam section of upcoming releases, Final Fantasy IX appears among the titles that was supposed to debut today. However the page of Final Fantasy IX on Steam still says “Early 2016” as its launch window.

So the only thing left is to wait a few hours to see if it is true whether today we can enjoy the acclaimed JRPG on our beloved PC platform.

The PC port of Final Fantasy IX was announced late last year, and as expected, will present improved graphics and new options such as achievements, autosave mode and some other features.