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Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS4 Demo and Price Details Leaked

After the trailer of Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PS4 that was shown during the last Sony State of Play (in which you could already discover some very interesting details), an employee of Square-Enix El Segundo has leaked interesting details about this RPG.

Although the leaked info was immediately removed from the network, we have recovered the original post from the Reddit forums, and we have made a summary of all the details it reveals (in particular the existence of a demo for PlayStation Network users after the upcoming E3 2019).

As in any leaked information, we must take these data with caution, as they are not confirmed by the company, although they seem very detailed and fit with everything we know of the expected Final Fantasy 7 Remake until now. On the other hand, we remind you that at E3 2019, Square-Enix will hold a Final Fantasy commemorative concert (last year the release date of Kingdom Hearts was announced at a similar concert) and it will also have its own press conference, like Ubisoft, Bethesda or Microsoft.

The leaked info of Final Fantasy 7 Remake mentions different details listed below:

1. Game is in fact 2 parts. Part 1 ends exactly as Aerith is let down into the water after her death and a fade to black.

2. Materia is shown in ALMOST all weapons. They do not appear in accessories nor do accessories appear on your character model. Different weapons will however appear on your model for example Rune Blade will be on Cloud’s back if equipped and exploring.

3. Different weapons have different triangle heavy hits (does not cost an ATB charge) Buster Sword has Punisher Rune Blade for for example has Cleave. You use these heavy hits after a string of regular hits. Regular hits are chip damage and the main damage will be from heavy combo finishers and the of course the massive LIMIT BREAKs.​

4. Using Magic will consume ATB along with MP. You get more bars as the game progresses.​

5. Summons will work for the most part as cut scenes like the original, they do not fight with you on the field. There is 1 new Summon Amarok and appears to be a wolf and causes darkness in addition to damage.

6. Over-world map is almost seamless. There are some “zones.” There will be roads and methods of transportation. It is open world. Vehicles like the Tiny Bronco work almost exactly the same only being able to go in lighter water. There will be items available occasionally on the field. Chocobos will of course be obtainable after the farm.

7. They have really made an effort to make each town feel lived in, and feel like there is a reason why each place is like the way it is. Each town is very unique from the last. Cosmo Canyon iand its occasional dust storms are a stark contract to the streets of Midgar. Upper Junon feels very much more like a military installation than Midgar as well.

8. Sephiroth is very limited in what is shown of him until the Kalm flashback. Before this you only hear his voice or see glimpses of him during Clouds breakdowns.

9. The HP shown during the state of play is not indicative of what their HP should/would be normally during those times. Simply for Dev showcasing.

10. There will be demos on the game floor with PSN demo following shortly after for people at home directly after E3.(Playstation Plus required)

11. Monster redesigns for a lot of the enemies but most will remain recognizable. Some do not make an appearance. For example there was no ghost enemies in the train yard.

12. Shin-ra HQ wont have quite as many floors to explore but MORE to do on the floors you do go to so it still feels like your fighting through a lot to get to the top.

13. The design for Tifa is also true to the original outfit, her face appears to be mostly similar to her Advent Children design but slightly more western. Materia also shows up on her gloves.​

14. Cait Sith seems to be pronounced “Ket” Sith but has undergone no major design overhaul. His fighting style is more close up, and does have his BARS for a LIMIT BREAK.​

15. Golden Saucer will have some games that are not playable(yet) because they are essentially replaying a part of a later story mission. Some will be playable right when you arrive. They want it to feel more grand and provide a break from the main story beats while still eventually having to incorporate the story into it later.​

16. Red XIII has clones Cobalt XIV and Indigo XV you must fight before he joins your party in Shin-ra HQ

17. Cid does not appear to be smoking but you see evidence that he does. He is clearly upset with Shera but toned down the aggressiveness as they felt it was unnecessary.

18. Yuffie and Vincent are no longer optional. You can miss them up until a certain point where they then become mandatory to get. You automatically get Yuffie if you have not gotten her before Rocket Town for example.

19. Cloud will have a dress and wig in one particular scene. But its fade to black getting in/out of it.

20. Honey Bee in requires GIL to get into instead of a membership card.

21. Squatting mini-game returns.​

22. As these are FULL games each will be in fact priced at 59.99 USD

23. Signals have gone out to retailers to prepare for pre-orders.

As we have said before, all this information will be confirmed (and will be completed with new details) when we can see it in the upcoming E3 2019.


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