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Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo PS4 vs Xbox One FPS Test Video Revealed

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The Platinum demo of Final Fantasy 15 has been available for a few hours on PS4 and Xbox One stores, and the YouTube channel “VG Tech” has compared the framerate of this demo, discovering that the new demo has some stability problems on both platforms.

Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo

According to the latest video analysis on the framerate of the two versions, it seems that the title of Hajime Tabata has more than a few problems to maintain 30 fps on both consoles. The best version seems to be the PS4, with generally 4-5 leads in frame on the competitor, that shows falls of up to 16 fps.

Hardly acceptable in numbers, especially considering that neither version features native 1080p resolution, but both utilize a dynamic resolution system ranging from 1600 × 900 and 1920 × 1080, in the case of PS4, and between 1344 × 756 and 1690 × 950 regarding the Xbox One console of Microsoft.

Surprisingly, most of the losses occurs during tight shots on the protagonist and not when the camera lingers on the rich environments of the demo.

A circumstance which, in all probability, has to do with the complexity of the character models. However, it is good to clarify, that we are faced with a demo that does not reflect the quality of the final product in any way, as repeatedly stated by Square-Enix.

Remember that Final Fantasy XV will be released on September 30, 2016 worldwide.