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Final Fantasy 15 DirectX-12-Demo Video

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As part of a recent Microsoft conference, a new tech demo of the Luminous Engine by Square Enix was presented, honoring its operation under Windows 10 and exploiting the DirectX 12 technology.

Presented for the first time in 2012, Agni’s Philosophy is the name of the tech demo of Square Enix to present its new graphics engine: the Luminous Engine. Visual effects proved effective and are rich in detail.

As part of Microsoft’s conference, a new tech demo of the Luminous Engine was presented in the video (below), confirming above all that it was designed under the operating system of Windows 10 and operating with DirectX 12 technology.

Square Enix said that adapting to DirectX 12 was easy, so much so that it took only three weeks of work.

The video emphasizes that this is not a cinematic, since it is possible to move the camera angle around the stage, but also play on the effects of light to see the painstaking work carried out on the details in terms of textures.

However, this demo was presented on a PC rather swift, with four NVIDIA GeForce Titan X. The question is whether this future light-up lead comes up with a Final Fantasy XV on PC, soon we will know in details.

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