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Final Destination 6: Devon Sawa A.K.A Alex’s Return, Franchise Re-Imagined?

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Final Destination 6 is currently under development. It will be a reboot film. Soon, we will have a glimpse of the sixth film.

Its been a decade that we are waiting for Final Destination 6. Finally, it’s happening! As it has been officially announced that Final Destination 6 is under the development phase, what to expect?

As per the officials, it will be a reboot film. The franchise changed, and re-imagined. So, probably, the story of the Final Destination film series gonna be changed. Well, who can see what’s coming next! We can expect this re-imagination to connect the dots from the first installment to the fifth installment.

It might be possible that the reboot film will polish the core idea of the franchise, and bring us a new beginning or an origin story.

“The End Was the Begining”

If you remember, by the end of the fifth installment we witnessed a glimpse of the first installment. By the end of the fifth installment, Sam and Molly broke the chain of death and survived. The plane they board for Paris turned out to be Flight 180 from which the events of the first film began. There the story got twisted and left all of us in suspicion. Anyhow, it was clear that the chain of events of the Final Destination started from Sam’s vision and then the events of the first four films took place, chronologically.

So, now, what to expect? An explanation for whatever happened by the end of the fifth film or a re-imagined story as a reboot film?

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Devon Sawa A.K.A Alex to Return in Final Destination 6

Well, there possibly a hint dropped by Devon Sawa who played Alex. Recently, he showed interest in working again with the Final Destination Franchise. So, we can expect Final Destination 6 to be the one to connect the loose ends and fill all of the loopholes. Or else, it will be another beginning with another story! Remember the phrase “Re-Imagined”.

Moreover, don’t forget our Alex is now a grownup man. Definitely, there will be another story!

Let’s see what the makers have set in the cards!