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Fighting EX Layer Coming Exclusively To PS4 on June 28


The spiritual successor of Street Fighter EX finally receives a release date: Fighting EX Layer will be available on PlayStation 4 from June 28th in the two Light and Standard editions. On the occasion, the moves of the thirteen characters that make up the roster was published.

The Light version ($39.99) will include 12 characters and five ‘Gougi Decks’, a kind of configurations that allow you to customize the combat style of each character. The Standard version ($59.99) includes those 12 characters, the extra character Hokuto and fifteen Gougi Decks.

Decks are used to assign attributes to the characters and customize them giving weight to specific characteristics, such as strength or speed. Also, the title will have downloadable content in the form of variations of the aspects of the characters. Check the characters list in the game below.

  1. Kairi
  2. Shirase
  3. Garuda
  4. Skullo Mania
  5. Darun
  6. Allen
  7. D. Dark
  8. Blair
  9. Jack
  10. Shadowgeist
  11. Sanane
  12. Hayate
  13. Hokuto

As we can see from the names that make up the roster, some fighters such as Skullo Mania are taken from Street Fighter EX, the 3D series of fast beat-up Capcom which is inspired by the new game of Arika. The game will include voices in Japanese and texts in English and Japanese.

Recall that Fighting EX Layer is therefore set to release on June 28 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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