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Fighting EX Layer Won’t Have Cross-Play Between PS4 and PC

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Before the launch of Fighting EX Layer on PlayStation 4, Arika confirmed that it was interested in bringing the fighting title to PC. The company is already working on the port of its game, but there are still doubts about it. So the studio spoke briefly about the future of the project.

For starters, the company commented that sales on the Sony console were acceptable, but that they were not the best. Despite this, they had the opportunity to freely provide 2 additional characters at no cost and now they will bring the title to PC.

Arika made it clear that it does not have enough funds to make all its plans come true. So now it is deciding whether to work fully on the PC version or the next general update.

After analyzing the situation, the company decided to bring the title to Steam. This implies that the arcade version is delayed indefinitely. They are also preparing a minor update without balance changes.

They want to launch another update with the release of the game on PC, but they hope to have it available on PlayStation 4. So, Arika advances little by little in the 3 versions of the title at the same time. There may be some differences between them, so the studio called for understanding.

On the other hand, there was a brief talk about cross-play and its possible implementation between PlayStation 4 and PC. Unfortunately, Fighting EX Layer will not have the function, because Arika does not have the necessary means to prepare servers worldwide.

“We are terribly sorry, but this impossible with our company’s assets (…) It’s impossible to do without having a game that’s a huge hit worldwide as well as plenty of DLC items to cover the funds. We apologize for our lack of ability,” said Arika.

The studio has not shared a release date for PC, but will later distribute some game keys to test the network and performance. Fighting EX Layer is available for PlayStation 4 for now.