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FIFA for Nintendo Switch could be a porting of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions

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Electronic Arts has announced that FIFA will come on Switch in 2017, the publisher, however, did not specify whether the game will be a porting of FIFA 17 or directly the next episode of the series, output scheduled for September 2017.

New rumors on the matter comes from Tom Phillips of, according to his sources the title will be a version specially created for Switch (as already confirmed by Peter Moore) based on the contents of FIFA 17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. “I’ve heard FIFA Switch is based off of the 360/PS3 versions which still get made,” Phillips stated on the social network of Twitter.

The game will therefore not be moved from the Frostbite Engine and probably will not include the Journey mode, although at the time the news has not been confirmed.

According to the words of Phillips, the reasons behind this choice could be two: testing the ground with a version of FIFA which does not require huge waste of resources but it is not excluded that these are of a decision of technical nature, with Switch it would not actually be able to support properly the Frostbite Engine.