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FIFA 20 for Switch Won’t Have “New Game Modes or Gameplay Innovations”


Although Electronic Arts has not launched all of its games on Nintendo Switch, there are some that are very popular. Such is the case with FIFA games and with the FIFA 20 edition will not be the exception. However, Electronic Arts shared the functions that the Legacy Edition will include for Nintendo Switch.

To begin, it is already known that the name will be Fifa 20 Legacy Edition. If you know about these editions, you will know that they reached generations past only with some updates, but with the game system intact. Because of this, there will be a modified interface and menus, as well as updates of the squads, but there will be no new game modes or gameplay innovations.

So, you can be sure that it will include current designs from clubs around the world and that some of the stadiums will be new. Nor will you miss out on the action of the European football of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. As for the game modes, you can play FIFA Ultimate Team, Kick Off, Career Mode, Women’s International Cup, Skill Games, Online Seasons, Online Friendlies, Local Seasons and official and custom tournaments, all with FIFA 19 features.

As we had already informed you, if you planned to play EA Sports VOLTA Football on Nintendo Switch, the great novelty of FIFA 20, you better look for other options, since it will not be included in FIFA 20 Legacy Edition.

If you are interested in playing online, then you should not worry, because Electronic Arts said that FIFA 20 Legacy Edition will have support for various online modes, including FIFA Ultimate Team. Also, the company said there will be updates throughout the season.

Finally, it was confirmed that this edition will be compatible with the Joy-Con in portable, in single or individual mode and that it will even have support for Pro Controller. Because it can be considered as an edition with less content, the company stressed that the price is generally lower compared to the editions for other consoles.

Fifa 20 Legacy Edition will debut at the same time as the versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 27.

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