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FIFA 15 Patch 1.05 available for download on PS4

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A patch is out for Fifa 15 on PlayStation 4. The patch version is 1.05. This patch is around 328.3MB in size. So, this clearly states that the patch is not going to offer any extra stuff. It will be more about fixing bugs and adding stability to the game. You can find the details about the patch in the image below that gives detailed change logs. The list of changes that this patch is going to offer.

FIFA 15 Patch 1.05

FIFA 15 Patch 1.05 update is available and was provided day before yesterday. Due to small size it won’t be hard to download and install it. The change log as you can see mainly emphasizes fixes and improvements. If you are facing any issue with patch installation then you can ignore it for some time and download it back afterwards. This can be due to a busy server.

This type of patches will come at regular time interval so that it can add more and more game stability. Most of the bugs are reported by users. The patch is commonly available on all type of consoles and pc. The patch on PC is around 200MB while on console it lies around 250MB. The same patch is only around 50MB for PS3.

A few additions that you will get extra in the patch are new MLS team. There are two here. First is New York City FC and the second one is Orlando City FC. The patch also targets fixing major performance issue and improving the game functions.

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