Few Xbox One X Consoles Reportedly Dying After A Few Hours

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Just a few hours after the release of Xbox One X, there are already serious technical issues that are already affecting some models after the first few hours of use.

According to reports published on Reddit and ResetEra (forums born from the ashes of NeoGAF), some Xbox One X distributed at launch would be defective: suddenly, they stopped functioning after a few hours of use, which in fact were completely dead.

Apparently, no one has been able to restore the dead units, according to testimonials, all dealers have opted to immediately replace the consoles in question, purchased just 24 hours before.

The reports (at present, a few tens of thousands of distributed consoles) come mainly from the United States and concern almost exclusively the Project Scorpio Edition, the limited edition of the console that was literally released right after its announcement.

Microsoft has not yet spoken about it, however, the issue seems to have a very limited diffusion, we are waiting for any official communications about it.

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