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Feast Meaning in Urdu: Celebrating Feast During Eid

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First of all, we have to realize what the meaning of a feast is. Feast meaning in Urdu is a joyful occasion where close people join together. Close people like friends, relatives, colleagues even enemies are also invited.

It calls a feast in the last time because every meal was a feast at that time. There was not any lunch, breakfast or dinner. Nowadays a feast is called a buffet .in the last time lots of people live together, and they have a meal together.

That was a happy moment for them. But now people are living in a nuclear family. All of them are busy in their separate ways. But most of the time, the word feast used in Urdu.

There is lots of meaning of feast in Urdu. But if I have to say it in a specific way, it is celebrated like a festival. It is a moment of joy where lots of people are joined together to have a meal and share meals. That is called a feast in general.


The other names of a feast in Urdu

Cafayate is the most prestigious word in Urdu. It means the buffet dinner. People in Islam celebrate the various occasion, and in an Islamic country, this kind of words used most of the time. It is basically an Urdu word, so people who use the Urdu word most of the time say this kind of words.

 Islamic countries like Iraq, Iran, Saudi in this kind of area, people used Urdu word most. So they call the word feast the Cafayate. It has some different meaning. Some say it is an event which is celebrated with great delight.

Some are saying that it is like a party to them. So mainly, Cafayate is the synonym of an Urdu word which is a feast.

The feast word is written in Urdu, the war and also in roman Urdu. The various terms used in like barbecue, blow, clambake, dinner, entertainment, festival gala night, party, giving a treat having a repast. Arranging a big feed to lots of people

Showing example how the word feast is use

The first example that I am going to show you about. When someone will wish to incite you to an invitation to have a nice dinner with him. The whole things are described as they are going to have a feast.

There is a feat in Saudi tradition as well. Suppose there is a mayor of some Islamic country and I want to invite him to a party. So I will say like this dear mayor I would like to invite you and the people of your party for a feast. This is how in Muslim country people are getting an invite for dinner.

What about in our ancient times, that time warriors were born. Before going to war, they arrange a huge feast. All the family members and other warriors sit together and enjoy their meal as if it was their last supper.

What happens if they win? If they come back safely from war, they arrange a big feast and celebrate their win with dancing and singing. Dinner is not just a meal for them; it was a celebration at that time. In Urdu, the feast only uses in family gatherings or their celebration.

In Urdu feast is known as the most OK entertaining dinner for all the community of Islam religion. It is offered on a few occasion. A feast is also known as the dawat. Dawat like is there is any kind of marriage ceremony or any kind of anniversary or birthdays.

Urdu people celebrating feast during eid

People who are living in the Muslim country eid-ul floor is like the most significant festival for them. In order term, it is a festival of joy and celebration. The whole family who is living different country comes together on this day. They celebrate this moment with a huge feast where lots of food are prepared.

Eid Day

That fast for continuously for 30 days and after that they arrange a big feast, or away from that they call unique. They all sit together to say their prayers to the almighty for having this delicious food. They are alive and all together on this special day.

Having this special feast prepared by their women. It is on their Urdu religious them that they have thanked almighty.

They have thanked for having this feast. They can live so they can eat this feast. It is the time for peace and celebration. They are all together. It happens all because of the almighty. In Urdu, feast means food that is dedicated to almighty. So that is the reason behind before every feast, they say the prayers in Urdu to the almighty.


Having a feast is a blessing in Urdu. Every time before having dinner, they have to thank almighty for this, in Urdu feast meaning thanking the almighty.

There are lots of importance as well in Urdu like buffet, party, big meal fest. But above all, the feast in Urdu reminds us about the Islam religion.

To respect the food and all they have. It is not necessary that the dinner has to be luxurious. But it has to be enough to feed all the people.