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FBI Seizes Arms from Jake Paul’s Calabasas Home WRT Arizona Riot

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YouTuber Jake Paul got a warrant from the FBI on August 6 after they found firearms in his Calabasas home. He is alleged to be related to the Arizona riot. Another warrant was issued in Las Vegas.

FBI is looking into the criminal incident that happened in Scottsdale Fashion Square. The act took place in the shopping mall in May 2020. Although there have been no arrests yet, the authorities are investigating all the time.

Upon investigation, the FBI found a long gun in the YouTuber’s backyard, placed against a hot tub. An AIR7 HD was appointed to search the premises of Calabasas because all the firearms were dispersed around the area.

Jake Paul’s attorney said he wasn’t at Calabasas home while the FBI was searching the house.

Jake Paul rejects allegations associating to Arizona Riot

Bureau filled charges of misconduct against Jake. He was there during the riot at the shopping mall. Jake Paul said he was just looking for protestors who were there for George Floyd’s death outside phoenix.

The Scottsdale Police Department accused Jake Paul of being there at the riot. The department filed charges of unlawful assembly and criminal trespassing.

The YouTuber obviously declined all allegations saying that he was there to show support to the protest of George Floyd’s death and express the anger. He declined his involvement in any plunder.

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Scottsdale police let go the local charges against Paul

Scottsdale police let go of the charges which were filled locally. They issued the press release on August 6.

The police department had decided to release the charges against Andrew Leon, Jake Paul, and  Arman Izadi. They thought it was important for the community to disband the misconduct charges and continue the investigation with federal criminal charges.

Jake Paul’s party breached coronavirus safety measures

Jake Paul threw a grand party at his Calabasas house two weeks before the FBI’s raid. He faced criticism for not maintaining the social distancing rules and many people were also not wearing masks at the party.

Alicia Weintraub, the Mayor of Calabasas conveyed her anger about the incident as the party happened in this critical situation when the country is facing increasing numbers of Covid-19 infections and deaths. Moreover, California is having trouble accommodating patients in hospitals right now.

The party’s video has gone viral on social networking platforms. It invited criticism from all around. Jake Paul has 20 million followers on YouTube and has a wide social media reach. Well, we can say that he has enraged millions of fans!

Calabasas Mayor Alicia Weintraub furious about the party

The Mayor said she came to know about the party after neighbors complained. They said that there were many people who were publicly not wearing masks and wandering around the streets.

Alicia Weintraub said that she was very disturbed by how someone from their community could do such an atrocious event. She reported that the authority had issued a rule which said anyone breaching social distancing rules or found without masks would have to pay a penalty of a minimum of 100 USD. Moreover, She assured them that they were putting a lot of effort to cut down the infection rate in the city. However, the party did much harm to the effort already.

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