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Fast 9: The Fast Saga: “Roar of Battle” John Cena A.K.A Jakob, Dom’s Brother

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The furious trailer of Fast9:  The Fast Saga has been dropped. Let’s welcome little Brian, and get ready for the roar of a battle between Dom and his brother.

“No matter how fast you’re, no one outruns their past and mine, just caught to me” said Dom as his past is now, standing in front of him. In Fast9, we will witness a battle between Dom and his brother, Jakob. By past, he means his brother Jakob’s back.

Our favorite wrestler, John Cena is playing the role of Jakob, the long-lost younger brother of Dom. It seems like between both of them there’s the thinnest line of hatred. Jakob is seen as a master thief, assassin and a high-performance driver whose after Dom and his family. Moreover, Cipher, a cyber-terrorist is also working with Jakob against Dom.

Since the arrival of Jakob, Dom’s life has been shattered. He’s up to call his family, the Fast Team back so that they can stand together and face-off this new foe.

Sadly, it seems like Brian has been declared dead in reel life as Paul’s no more in real life. We get to know this by the name of Dom’s son. Dom has named his little son after Brian’s. So, Little Brian’s here in the family. Anyhow, Nia is back.

Moreover, Han who was presumed to be dead is now back!

As Dom’s son seems to be of 5 6 years, it’s clear that years have passed. Indeed, the story of Fast9 has been started 5 to 6 years after the events of Fast8.

Let’s see how the Fast family will combat with this new danger.