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10 Fashion Trends for College Students

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Look around your campus. It’s hardly a boring place.

Why would you want to follow a dull style that doesn’t express your personality?

You’re young, wild, and free. Don’t try to look like everyone expects you to look like. I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with the rigid style of fraternity and sorority members… if those students want to look all cleaned up. But if you’re up for a challenge, I dare you to experiment. 

You should never choose one style and remain faithful to it throughout your entire life. Set your mind free. You might discover pieces of clothing from several fashion trends, and you’ll realize that they work for you.  

Maybe you’ll like shoes that make you taller this season, but you’ll consider them outdated and useless next year. It’s okay. Allow yourself to be driven by the flow, and don’t stay immune to the trends. 

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Students

  1. Warm and Cozy Jumpers

When it’s freezing cold, you need a stylish way to keep yourself warm. I’m so happy to see oversized, cozy jumpers back in fashion. They won’t make you look baggy. They will make you look like you’re comfortable wearing what you chose for the day. 

There are endless colors and models to choose from. You’ll surely find the right fit. 

2. The Capsule Wardrobe Trend

Let’s be real: most students cannot afford to buy new clothes every season. 

They have to save their money for textbooks, tutoring classes, and papers. They have to rely on a plagiarism detector with percentage to make sure that the content they bought is good. Otherwise, they would have to pay for another paper. 

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The expenses are real. 

The solution is to develop a color scheme that works for you, and invest in timeless pieces that you’ll wear for a long time.  

3.  Accessories Are Crucial

If your wardrobe is minimalistic, you have to spice it up with some jewelry. You don’t need to spend too much money on it. Just invest in a few statement pieces, which will add some “WOW” to each outfit you plan.

Jewelry or even a nice watch can make a massive difference. If you want to go big on your watch, try the brand Patek Aquanaut for exotic quality and classic good looks. The options are endless with a nice jewelry timepiece.

4.  Jewel Tones

Are you bored of the cream trend? You don’t feel like wearing the usual colors that students choose?

The jewel tones fashion trend is a real refreshment!

5. Try a Short Hair Style if You’re a Woman, or a Longer One if You’re a Man

Let’s push the limits to the classic understanding of personal style. 

You may rediscover your unique personality if you experiment with the haircut. Also, try a different hair color. You’ll love it!

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6. Your Underwear Is Important, Too

Nice, sexy underwear will boost your self-confidence even if you’re wearing something casual on top of it. 

Get a few high-quality items that will endure tons of washing without any visible damage. 

7. Invest in a Premium Backpack

If you don’t like sporty backpacks, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need something that would fit a laptop, several textbooks, and a lunchbox in it. Choose a nice-looking backpack that reflects your personal style. 

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8. Stylish Sweatpants Are the New Classy

You probably don’t remember the days when sweatpants were considered as something you’d only wear at home or at the gym. Now, you can wear them everywhere. 

But be careful; sweatpants can express your personal style only if they are cool and unusual. 

9. A Fake Leather Jacket Makes You Look Classic

I’m not going to promote real leather, since I have moral issues with it. Plus, fake leather is much more affordable and it still looks cool. 

A fake leather jacket will definitely improve your style. It makes you look edgy. It makes you look like someone with tons of self-confidence. 

10. Dark Florals Are Cool

I love the trend with dark florals. It’s suitable for any season. It’s romantic without being tacky at all. And I believe that it works equally well for both men and women. 

Style Doesn’t Cost Money

I understand that buying new clothes is a problem for students. They have a limited budget, so they have to be careful with each expense. 

But let’s face it: you still have to wear something. You can find great items in thrift stores. If you want to buy new clothes, you can always wait for the seasonal discounts. 

Whenever you’re buying clothes and shoes, you’re making a long-term investment. That’s why it’s important to get high-quality items that you can fit into many different outfits.