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Farpoint for PlayStation VR will release in May with Aim Controller

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Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that Farpoint PlayStation VR will be available from May 16: the game will be sold separately at a price not yet announced or bundled with the new Aim Controller at a price of $79.99.

Formalized at the Sony conference of the E3 2016 during the presentations of virtual reality games, Farpoint had not given much sign of life lately. However, this one has just found its release date.

Farpoint will be released for the PlayStation VR headset on May 16th. At the same time, we learn that the PlayStation VR Aim Controller will be released on the same date to accompany the game.

The particularity of the title is that you will have in hand the PlayStation VR Aim Controller, which will allow you to aim as you would with a real weapon. Farpoint will be surely a highlight for the PSVR headset, but the release of the Aim controller could be even more important for the PlayStation VR system.

The controller will not only simplify the goal of virtual reality, but the weapon is also equipped with sticks and buttons, so you can move around in the virtual world. The Aim controller could become a useful accessory if enough developers provide support for the controller.

Announced during the last E3 in Los Angeles, Farpoint is a first-person shooter with the setting of Sci-Fi. As mentioned above, the same day also will make its appearance in stores the PlayStation Aim Controller, currently only supported by Farpoint and also bundled with the game.

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