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Far Cry Primal uses same Map as Far Cry 4

We learn that the world map of Far Cry Primal is almost identical to the previous FPS component of Ubisoft. Two comparative pictures distinguish the amazing similarities.

Available since February 23 on PS4 and Xbox One and later on 1st March on PC, Far Cry Primal drew our curiosity because of the proposed universe. In fact, the FPS game allows us to dive in the heart of a prehistoric environment rather atypical.

However, it is clear that Ubisoft Montreal dev team has not taken care to offer a completely new map. Indeed, the Gamepressure website has published comparative images that confirm the map of Far Cry Primal is simply a recycled one of that Far Cry 4.

Firstly, the map seems to be in terms of the same general structure, wherein the explorable area is almost taken over by one. The general trails are suspiciously similar to each other, whereby you are presented the same network. In addition, the village of Takkar is located on exactly the same place as one of the villages of Far Cry 4.

Recall that the studio had already used this process with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon which operated on the similar map of Far Cry 3. However, in this case the title was a figure of add-on and was sold at low prices. In the case of Far Cry Primal, the result may disappoint more than one player.

Far Cry 4 Map
Far Cry Primal Map
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