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Far Cry 5 included in the list of Xbox One X Enhanced Games

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Xbox One X will arrive in November, and if you have plans to purchase it, you surely want its power to be exploited by as many games as possible. If so, you’ll be happy to know that Far Cry 5, the next open-world game of Ubisoft, will have support for this console.

Through a posting on his blog, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, director of programming for Xbox LIVE, announced the above.

The bad news is that, for the time being, he could not give details on what kind of improvements the players can expect from the new console of Microsoft in this title. That said, it will most likely present better resolution and support for HDR.

That’s not all since future releases like LA Noire, Okami HD, and Greedfall will also have the above features on the new Microsoft console. With the above, there are already more than 130 titles that will offer improvements in Xbox One X.

If you have not been listening to the news in recent months, it was revealed that Xbox One X is a new version of Xbox One, which will have enough power to run some titles in 4K and 60 frame rate per second. The goal of Microsoft is to provide a superior gaming experience.

Xbox One X will debut on November 7 and will cost $499 USD.