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Far Cry 5 Guide: How To Find Hidden “IT” Clown Easter Egg

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Far Cry 5 arrived yesterday in stores and many players are exploring Montana far and wide, as a result, the first reports of easter eggs and curious references scattered around Hope County will come into notice. We will now present the presence of an easter egg dedicated to the IT clown, and if you do not want to know about this spoiler you can stop reading from here.

You saw the “IT” film, right? The killer clown who eats children and goes around to attract them armed with red balloons. It’s OK even if you have read the book, just in case. Well, someone has found a red balloon in front of the entrance to a Far Cry 5 sewer pipe. A very clear reference to “IT” clown, of course, since he too lives in the sewers.

Faced with the entrance to a sewer pipeline, a player noticed a red balloon near a grating, a clear reference to the IT clown, who as a man lives in a sewer. The exact location of the balloon has been made known in the video below, however, we do not know if there are any others scattered in Hope County, we just have to wait for other reports to find out.

Far Cry 5 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, Xbox One S and Xbox One, on you can also find the guide to the secret ending of the new Shooter of Ubisoft, unlockable just after six minutes of gameplay.

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