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Far Cry 5 Guide: How To Easily Earn Skill Points Thanks To Co-Op

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As many new players will soon realize, the progression in Far Cry 5 is regulated by the so-called Skill Points. In fact, these allow the purchase of the “Traits”, particular skills with different uses – in combat and outside. There are several ways to get skill points: this guide will go deeper and faster.

Prepper Stashes and Co-Op
Yes: the quickest way to get skill points in Far Cry 5 is to play Co-Op. To be honest, it is not even necessary to always play in coop, indeed: as we will see later, it is advisable to go to the world of a friend of ours at a given time and with a certain criterion.

The activities on which we will have to concentrate to maximize our points earnings are the so-called Prepper Stash Missions; in fact, their completion will guarantee us not only three skill magazines (which guarantee skill points), but also material for crafting and a little bit of money.

To find the Prepper Stash missions just focus on the icons in the shape of a diamond (the diamonds in question have a blue color) that we see scattered around the map; reaching them, in fact, we will find the precious stocks and generally simple obstacles to block the road: usually, it will be small environmental enigmas.

To make these icons appear on the map, talk to the NPCs: some of them have in fact the aforementioned blue icon above the head and will give you information about the location of stashes.

At this point, the Co-Op mode comes into play. In fact, it will be enough to complete a prepper stash mission and to refrain from immediately collecting the precious magazines; if your friend has done the same, you can invite each other and, in a very short time, collect both double the skill points (given that a player will collect both magazines in his game world, both in his friend’s world).

It goes without saying that this method also applies to traced magazines around the world: simply, it will be more efficient in terms of time spent inviting when you have a satisfactory number of magazines to collect. In this sense, it can be a good idea to locate a certain number of magazines (whether those related to prepper stashes or not), mark their position on the map and start the coop when they have a lot to collect: in this way, you will get a really considerable amount of points – in a very short time.

Gaining Skill Points
After tackling the most efficient method, we limit ourselves to listing all the ways in which it will be possible to obtain skill points in Far Cry 5.

You can complete the Challenges (this method is perhaps the fastest immediately behind what we will see), progress in arcade mode and collect magazines disseminated in the game world. This last mode is closely linked to the one we have studied in this guide: doing the activities related to the stashes of the preppers, in fact, you will be rewarded with three of the magazines taken, the skill points guaranteed by which they will be doubled according to the measures already listed.