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Far Cry 5 First PC Patch Available Now, Fixes Crashing Issues and More

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Ubisoft has just published the first patch for the PC version of Far Cry 5, a new chapter in the shooter series that is already tearing the records made by previous games of the franchise.

As the update patch notes reveal, the French company has made some corrections to solve the problems of crashes found to date, as well as improve the performance, stability, connectivity of the co-op mode and PvP matchmaking, as well as correct the problem of corrupt save game slots. The patch will auto-download on both Steam and uPlay.

Far Cry 5 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This fifth chapter proved to be able to record the best launch of the series and the second best ever for Ubisoft. We also remind you that the “Well Done” event is now available on all platforms.

You can read all the additional details of the patch by checking the complete changelog below.

Far Cry 5 Patch Notes Title Update 4:

Stability & Performance:
Fixed low occurrence crashes and walkthrough breaks
Additional quality bug fixes
Fixed low occurrence save corruption

Companion, Enemy, & Animal AI:
Fixed low repro AI issues

Design & Mission Progression:
Fixed issues preventing silver bar purchase
Fixed minor bugs

Gameplay & UI:
Fixed minor bugs

COOP and Online:
Improved COOP connectivity
Fixed low occurrence COOP specific walkthrough breaks
Fixed voice communication issue where players could be permanently muted
Hurk was blowing up the client player when in a helicopter, fixed that.

Far Cry Arcade:
Improved map download efficiency
Fixed various Arcade gameplay issues
Fixed issue where map textures would be extremely low
Improved PVP matchmaking
Fixed lobby loadout selection and map selection issues

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Map Editor:
Fixed issue with Arcade Editor crashes

PC Patch Only:
Fixed issues that were causing incorrect spawn if the game was minimized during loading


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