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Far Cry 5 Guide: Tips To Complete The First Live Event “Well Done”

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After recently announced, the first Far Cry 5 Live Event is already available to us: in Well Done, the player is required to kill 20 animals using fire, all without using molotov and flamethrowers. If you have difficulty completing the objective of the event, this short guide will help you out in completing the event.

In fact, we will see together some methods to break down the objectives of the event, in order to obtain the related prizes.

The Prizes:
For those who missed it or wanted to evaluate participation in the “Well Done” event based on the prizes offered, remember that when the 20 kills are reached, the Flamebearer weapon will be unlocked; if the community as a whole manages to reach the total of 150,000 kills, all participants will receive a new outfit. If you want to get the promised prizes, you will have to complete the challenge offered by the event by April 10th.

Completing the challenge:
The impossibility of using Molotov and flamethrowers should not stop you from completing the challenge: in Far Cry 5, in fact, there are numerous ways to set fire to your targets; some simple and direct, others more complex and more indirectly implemented. The first method is to use incendiary arrows with the bow. Of all the ways through which it will be possible to complete the event, this is undoubtedly the easiest and most direct – and the safest. In fact, the arrow will not kill most of the animals instantly, fact that will give the possibility to fire to finish the job (as required by the event); the possibility of setting fire to animals from a safe distance, then, it will mean in most cases avoid collateral damage to our character.

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The second method to complete the “Well Done” event is to use the incendiary ammunition of the shotgun. As with the bow, make sure that it is not the bullets themselves that kill the animal, but the fire. So shoot only once, and wait for the flames to finish the animal; if this does not happen (and only then) try to shoot another shot and hope that the animal does not die instantly.

The third method includes a slight degree of risk: it consists in using the oxidic flame, which means that it is necessary to approach the animals before actually firing them. As the flames expand quickly, be sure to get away as soon as possible if you do not want to be burned.

The last method, probably the least convenient overall, is to use the incendiary bombs from the airplane. Keep in mind that the precision necessary to carry out this kind of killing is not indifferent; at the same time, however, there is always the option to bomb a good part of the forest and wait for the flames to do the work for you.