Far Cry 5 Co-Operative: Only main player will progress in the story, other will be a simple companion

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Far Cry 5 will have a cooperative mode, however, we recommend that you think several times before accessing the game of one of your friends, as only one of you will benefit during the adventure.

According to GameStar, Far Cry 5 will allow you to join the route of a friend online, eliminate enemies, help you win rewards and advance your journey. In return, you will get the incredible amount of nothing.

That’s right, only the main player will progress in the story of the title, while the other will be a simple companion. The reasons for this decision were not explained, but let’s hope Ubisoft gives more information in the coming days.

Although the titles of the previous franchise allowed you to play in local cooperative mode at certain times, this option will be replaced and you will only be able to play online. Therefore, it is best to warn your friend that he will not make any progress if he accompanies you.

Recently, Ubisoft reported that Far Cry 5 will not have the classic towers and the minimap, this with the aim of changing the gameplay of the franchise. In short, you will have to interact with the characters and pay attention to the environment to get the maximum experience.

Far Cry 5 will release on February 27 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


  • Far cry co-op was like that the last game. (just a lol…but i finished the game and was just screwing around. A friend joined, so i go to the weapon storage and pull out EVERY weapons in the game and drop it . He picked them up, and unlocked them all, in his game. He had all the weapons as soon as they allowed you to join another players session. I hope they fix that.)

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