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Far Cry 5: A petition asking Ubisoft to cancel the game

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Over the past few hours, an absurd petition has been created on with which it asks Ubisoft to cancel Far Cry 5.

The underwriters of the initiative define the next game in the French-Canadian company as an insult to the American people, who represent the majority of the publisher’s consumers. Among the motives of the petition would be the unfair representation of a part of the US people, for this reason it has asked to modify some of the key points of the game coming up to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, for example, Ubisoft should modify the enemies, inserting a group of radicalized Muslims, or perhaps a handful of nationalists formed not only by white men but also by Mexicans and people of color.

Precisely because of this last point, it is hoped that this petition is only a joke in bad taste, perhaps to imitate the so-called social justice warrior (also cited by the same authors of the petition).

What is worrying, however, is the threat of violent repercussions if these proposals were not accepted by Ubisoft. We really hope that this is a bad attempt of trolling.