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Far Cry 4 Title Update 5 download available on February 4th 2015

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Ubisoft has launched Far Cry 4 1.5.0 update on the PlayStation 4, after more than one month released for the PC last December.

The update of 657MB is available for free by starting the game with their PS4 connected to PlayStation Network, and makes numerous changes to the matchmaking system, the online co-op and the management of the map. This patch is also available to download on Xbox One and PS3. PC and Xbox 360 gamers are scheduled to receive this update today anytime soon.

For more information about the changes, check out the changelog of the update on the official Ubisoft forum and below:

In-Game Editor [IGE]
IGE Co-Op is now available!
Fixed various Gameplay functionality issues with asset placements
Fixed various Gameplay functionality issues with the Map Browser

Integrated Outpost Master in Co-Op
Fixed various client connectivity issues
Fixed various Host/Client replication issues

Load and Save Files
Fixed various checkpoint placement issues

Fixed the occasional issue with vehicle placement

Matchmaking and PvP
Fixed matchmaking stability and general issues with PvP
Fixed inconsistencies with XP in the load-out menu

Fixed spawning issues under specific circumstances

Xbox 360 and Xbox One
Fixed co-op matchmaking issues when user’s signed in as an inactive profile