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12 Fans Make A Kid Icarus Remake in 7 Weeks As A School Project

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Kid Icarus debuted for NES in 1987 and became one of the classic titles of Nintendo. Despite this, the series had a long absence, which ended with the arrival of Kid Icarus: Uprising to 3DS in 2012. If you have ever imagined playing a remake of the first installment, you should know that a group of students made a demo that looks pretty good.

Kid Icarus fans worked for 7 weeks to develop the trial version of approximately 20 minutes. In it, they have recreated various scenarios and a couple of enemies of the original game. To make this project a reality, the help of 12 people in total was needed.

You can control Pit and use your bow to kill several creatures and activate switches. You can also use a shield to protect yourself and experiment with platform mechanics. Below you can see a video of this remake:

If you like how it looks, take into account that you can try it on your PC. To run it, you will need Windows 7 in a 64-bit version, 4GB of RAM, a GTX Geforce 560 card or Radeon HD 6950, as well as at least 2GB of free space. The game is compatible only with the keyboard and its download weighs a total of 790 MB.

In related news, a closed copy of Kid Icarus for NES was sold for $11,000 USD. Do you like how the remake looks? Would you like to see a new official version of the game? Tell us in the comments below.

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