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Fans Disappointed At PlayStation Experience 2017, Express Their Negative Opinions With #PSX2017


Last year, PlayStation Experience was an event full of emotions, as Sony presented great titles like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, The Last of Us: Part II and much more. However, PlayStation Experience 2017 edition had a different development, leaving some players dissatisfied.

Instead of making revelations and showing new trailers, Sony preferred to invite developers to talk about their titles. Herman Hulst, director of Horizon: Zero Dawn, was present to talk about the development of the game; then joined Cory Barlog, who revealed details about the creation and duration of God of War; and Siobhan Reddy appeared to talk about Dreams.

There is no doubt that the information provided by the developers was relevant, as it was possible to obtain details about the creation of these great titles. But some fans did not think the same, they were waiting for great revelations.

Perhaps, the most exciting moment of the night was when Guillaume De Fondaumiere of Quantic Dream showed an extensive gameplay of Detroit: Become Human, because the audience of PlayStation Experience was a vital part of the presentation. In the end, we also had the announcement of the remastering of MediEvil, a game that will come to PlayStation 4.

However, the fans did not forgive and expressed their feelings. The negative opinions were so many that the hashtag #PSX2017 occupied the first place on Twitter trends, revealing that not everyone got what they expected.

Some thought that the format was bad. “So bored with this PSX. Talk show was a terrible idea.”

Others were very disappointed with the event. “Never been so disappointed in @PlayStation. #psx2017 was an utter failure. No new announcements, no release dates, just ugly people talking about boring and irrelevant games.”

And the audience present at PlayStation Experience was no exception.

The hype disappeared immediately. “This was so bad. Not current trailers, not BloodBorne 2, not The Last of Us 2, not God of War. The only good part was Kojima showing up, but even he could not save the show. Very sad @ PlayStation, very sad …”

Actually, many expected a surprise at the end of the conference, but nothing happened. “I like how everyone on the @ PlayStation @ Twitch feed is sticking around in chat because they think we’re getting a special surprise like a Marvel movie. This is the real # PSX post-credits scene. #PSX2017”

In any case, PlayStation Experience 2017 will take place until Sunday, December 10, so surprises can still come.